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Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

Primary Care Wellbeing Project - MIND

Oxfordshire MIND Wellbeing Workers work in a non-clinical, person-centred way to encourage and enable patients to link in with existing support services, use the support available in their local community, and develop tools to increase their ability to manage their own wellbeing. If you would like to be referred please see below, or speak with one of our clinicians. For more information about MIND please read here.


Mental Health and Wellbeing Support

Oxfordshire Mind's Primary Care Wellbeing Workers are offering one-to-one sessions for people who may be experiencing mental health issues or other social or lifestyle issues that are impacting on their wellbeing. Wellbeing Workers will focus on what matters to the individual to encourage and enable them to link in with existing support services (including online and telephone services) and develop tools to increase their ability to manage their own wellbeing. 

The service, which is usually offered face-to-face in the practice, is still running during the COVID-19 pandemic but now largely takes place over the phone*. If you would like support with your mental health or wellbeing at this time and would like to access this service, you can self-refer via email or telephone - see 'How to Self-Refer' below. 

*Face-to-face sessions are available for: 

- those unable to speak openly at home due to risk of abuse  

- those with hearing difficulties 

- those with learning disabilities or other needs that might make communication via phone challenging.  

If you would like to receive a face-to-face session for any of the reasons above, please state this when self-referring. 


How to Self-Refer: 

EMAIL: Send an email to with your full name, date of birth, phone number and registered GP practice. It would also be helpful to include a brief outline of the reason(s) for your self-referral. Please type 'SELF-REFERRAL' in the email subject so it can be easily seen.

PHONE: Call the Oxfordshire Mind Information Line on 01865 24 77 88 and request a referral to the 'Primary Care Wellbeing service'. The Information Line staff member will then take some details [full name, date of birth, contact details, registered GP practice and a brief outline of the reason(s) for your self-referral] and will send these on to the Primary Care Wellbeing service team. 

Once your referral is received, a team member from the Oxfordshire Mind Primary Care Wellbeing service will attempt to contact you within 2 working days.

Practice Nurse Clinics

The practice nurses run daily clinics and are able to deal with many problems including injections, vaccinations, dressings, blood test, and more. They provide family planning advice including emergency contraception and take cervical smears.

Social Prescribing

Our team of Practice Link Workers are here to help you look after your health and feel better. Lots of things in your everyday life can affect your health and get in the way of making the changes you want to make. Instead of giving you a prescription for a medicine, your Practice Link Worker will work with you to create your own social prescription. This will help you to access activities and support that will improve your health and enjoyment of life. Whatever worries or questions you may have, we are here to listen and will help you get the advice and support you need. 

For more information, please click here

District Nurse Services

The district nurses provide care, advice and support for people at home who are unable to attend the surgery. Most of their work is with the elderly, chronically sick and terminally ill.

Contact Number 01865 903061.

Child Health Services

The health visitors covering Hollow Way are based at Temple Cowley Health Centre, and provide advice on family health and child care issues.  If you have any worries about minor illness in your children then you may wish to contact them first. The health visitors work in partnership with the doctors. There are a number of services available locally for parents and children that offer practical support and advice.

If you would like to discuss specific health issues such as development, behaviour and parenting support etc., please phone the health visitors for an appointment.  Appointments with the health visitors are available at Temple Cowley Health Centre or a home visit by arrangement.

A number of locality clinics are available.   Please contact the health visitors for information on 01865 903116.

Maternity Services

We provide full antenatal and postnatal care, and work closely with our own team of community midwives who hold a clinic at the surgery every Wednesday and Thursday. Antenatal care is shared between the midwife and your doctor. We recommend that you make an appointment to see your doctor as soon as you know that you are pregnant.

Before trying to conceive, we advise women to check if they are immune to Rubella (German measles). We also recommend they take folic acid tablets 400 micrograms daily while trying to conceive, and during the first three months of pregnancy, to help prevent the baby from developing spina–bifida. This is available from the chemist without a prescription. It is very important for the health of your unborn child that you do not smoke during your pregnancy. If you need help and support to give up smoking, please talk to one of the doctors or practice nurses.

Drug and Alcohol Services

We offer a service for patients with drug and alcohol problems. This is run by a specialist Addictions Nurse. Initial referrals are made through your GP.

Citizens Advice Bureau Services

A Citizen's Advice Bureau adviser is available in the practice once a fortnight on a Thursday afternoon. The adviser can help with advice on financial issues and other problems such as housing, legal matters, employment, etc.

Appointments can be made through your GP, practice nurse or health visitor or you can make an appointment yourself at the reception desk. All advice is free and confidential.