Our most vulnerable residents across Oxfordshire will have recently received correspondence from the NHS, identifying them as high risk and advising them to strictly self-isolate for 12 weeks. We know this long term restriction may cause additional concerns for those without any nearby support and we want to make sure any shielded resident, who doesn’t know where to turn, are not handling these additional worries alone. Local authorities across Oxfordshire have worked with the local Voluntary and Community Sector, to develop a simple point of contact for extremely vulnerable residents. This enables those identified as higher risk, who have no support network, access to a central team who will be able to offer advice.

This new, dedicated line will be operational from 8:30am to 8:00pm, Monday to Friday, and 9:00am to 5:00pm, Saturday and Sunday, and is there to offer priority support to our most high risk residents across the county. If you or someone you know has been identified as high risk and have no support network, please contact the dedicated team on:


Residents of Oxford City                   01865 249 811


Online form available at:        


Residents of Oxfordshire                  01865 897 820 [telephone only, no online form]




For those residents who are not in a high risk category but still in need of support, there are a number of initiatives taking place across the county. For more information on community support near you, visit:

Oxfordshire All In     

Oxford Together       

The County, City and District Councils in Oxfordshire are all working hard to maintain frontline council services, so for any queries related to every day council service please check out the County, City or relevant District website.For more advice and information on Covid-19, please visit Public Health England here



How to contact your practice when the doors are closed. eConsult


When our doors are closed you still can get in touch with your doctor or nurse thru eConsult All you need to do is to fill out an online form, which is sent through to us, then you will get a response in 48 hours or before if your request is urgent . What you can do is:

  • Request information or help about your current condition. ie Diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, contraception, asthma, COPD and more.
  • Request a letter, sick note or ID account to have Patient Access
  • You can ask for general advice. ie tiredness, bleeding, pain or weakness 

If you want to request repeat prescriptions, book appointments  and see your results you need to visit Patient Access or NHS App. If you don’t have access you can request your user ID tru eConsult.

Save time by going online. 

COVID-19 Hollow Way Medical Centre Plan


As part of the NHS's efforts to protect you and health workers at this difficult time, Oxfordshire GP practices have changed the way they work in your area. The most important thing you can do to stay safe, protect your family and protect your NHS doctors and nurses is to follow public health advice to stay at home and keep your distance from other people.

PLEASE DO NOT VISIT THE GP SURGERY IN PERSON. If you need health advice for suspected coronavirus, contact NHS 111 online or by phone.  

We will be providing care via phone, video, email or SMS. If you've been asked to come to the Surgery, you will need to be screened by a doctor and then by our reception team at the door. You will need to wait outside the Surgery, if possible, please attend on your own. Sorry about this. However, do not attend if you have a

  • a new continuous cough
  • a high temperature or fever

Please read the Stay at Home guidance and check if you have coronavirus symptoms HERE

If you need help to go online, please phone the surgery and book a telephone call with Leslie. Please have your phone, computer, a form of ID and email ready. If you don’t have online access, please post any prescription request through the letterbox.

  • If you need to speak with your doctor, please book via eConsult 
  • You can request prescriptions and see your results via Patient Access or NHS App. Call us if you need to set up these services.
  • You can have video consultations via AccuRx. Please follow instructions HERE.

We are taking this action in order to protect our patients, our community and our staff.

Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.


If you need help or you want to help please email, click here to volunteer or here for help.  

How to use video consultations - The Patient Journey AccuRx


How it works:

  • Your practice will let you know that they would like you to do a video consultation 
  • Your clinician will then send you a text message with a link to load video consultation, that looks something like this:

What you need to do:

  • Once you receive the message click on the link
  • It will then open your internet browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome) 
  • It may show you a screen where you need to click "Request permissions" to enable your camera and your microphone
  • Then you need to click "Join Meeting" 
  • You should then be able to see your GP:

What do I need for it to work?

  • A smartphone, either with working Wifi/3G/4G connection
  • Your Internet Browser needs to have your phone's microphone and camera enabled (you can see how to alter this in your phone settings here)
  • iPhones running older software that has not been updated (iOS 12 and earlier) will need to download the Whereby app to join the consultation)

For more information and a video please visit AccuRx blog  or watch this video

Hollow Way road works

Thames Water are working on the water main in Hollow Way on Tuesday 7th April 2020, between 10am and 4pm. We may have restricted – or no – water supply during this time, as well as possible road closures on Hollow Way during the works.


Achieve Healthy Weight Loss works with a range of partners to deliver from over 50 locations across Oxfordshire. This makes our range of FREE programmes easily accessible. In addition to our own “Lose Weight With” programme we provide FREE access to Slimming World, Weight Watchers and Man V Fat Football. For more information call 01865 338119 or click here

New groups starting in Cowley. Blackbird Leys and Rose hill this 2020!

Emerade Adrenaline Autoinjector Pens

Prescribed an Emerade pen?

Patients who have an Emerade Adrenaline Autoinjector pen should read the guidance below carefully and contact their community pharmacist in the first instance with any further questions they may have.

Medicines recall - Emerade Adrenaline Autoinjectors.docx

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Service



If you are a female aged 16-64 and suffering from symptoms of a UTI (needing to pee suddenly or more often than usual, pain or a burning sensation when peeing, pain in your lower tummy) there’s a new pharmacy service that could help you.

The UTI service allows pharmacists working in community pharmacies in Oxfordshire to treat women suffering from an uncomplicated UTI with nitrofurantoin (an antibiotic).

Pharmacies nearby:

  • Lloyds Pharmacy, Blackbird Leys Health Centre, Dunnock Way, Greater Leys OX4 7EX (T. 01865 770713)
  • Lloyds Pharmacy, Sainsbury's, Eastern By-Pass Rd, Oxford OX4 4XR (Blackbird Leys)
  • The Leys Pharmacy, 6A Courtland Road, Oxford OX4 4JA (Rosehill)
  • The Leys Pharmacy, In-Spar, Dunnock Way, Greater Leys OX4 7EX

For more information please click here

Flu Clinics

We will be offering clinics to vaccinate patients against shingles, pneumonia and influenza (FLU). Please see below for more information. 

Over 65? Please ask reception to book you in for one of our flu clinics held on a Saturday, you don't need to wait for a letter.

Under 65 and at risk? Please wait to receive a letter or verbal invitation from the practice. For more information about eligibility please check here

Shingles? Please check if you are eligible and book in with a Practice Nurse. NOT HCA. Please check here

Pneumococcal vaccination for over 65 or under 65 at risk. Please check here.

Cancer Campaign

Bowel cancer screening is offered every 2 years to men and women aged 60 to 74. People older than this can ask for a screening kit every 2 years by calling the Freephone number 0800 707 60 60. An additional one-off test called bowel scope screening is being introduced in England for men and women at the age of 55.

Breast Screening is offered every 3 years to all women aged between 50 and 70 years of age. Women will receive their first screening appointment before their 53rd birthday. Contact 01865 235621 to book your appointment. 

Cervical screening is offered to all women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64. For women aged 25 to 49, it's every 3 years and for women aged 50 to 64, it's every 5 years. Women aged over 65 are only invited for screenings if they have recently had abnormal tests. Book to see the nurse at the surgery. 

Blood in Pee? bring a urine sample and speak to a GP if you have any other symptoms such as losing weight or needing to pee more frequently at night.  

MOT You should have a health check every 5 years if you're aged 40 to 74 and you have not had a stroke, or you do not have heart disease, diabetes or kidney disease.  Book to see the HCA to have it done. 

Primary Care Networks

Primary Care Networks are a new way for several general practices to collaborate. They are intended to help practices:

  • to offer more co-ordinated services,
  • to provide better ways for patients to access a wider range of health care professionals.

They will also make more use of digital services.

The regulations around Primary Care Networks have been incorporated into the contract that each GP practice has with the NHS.

PCN info for patients.pdf