Patient Information & Forms

Medications to avoid when unwell

This leaflet is about what actions to take if you develop an illness that causes dehydration (your body becomes short of fluid). These actions are called “medicine sick day rules. 

Children immunisation

After your baby is born, the baby needs to be registered at GP surgery.  Please book a 6 weeks check-up appointment with a doctor and then bring the baby in to see the nurse for immunisations.

If you have concerns regarding the immunisations, please see below details for the ‘Vaccine Knowledge’ website.  It contains evidence based independent information about immunisations such as frequently asked questions and ingredients etc, which will help answer your queries  Available to download free as an app- search Vaccine Knowledge.

If you have decided for your child not to have a vaccination, delete below any not required, sign letter below and return to the surgery. Parents who refuse immunisations can change their mind at any time. There is no upper age limit for immunisation.

WHO guidance


Menopause Advice

Please see The Top lifestyle tips for menopausal health

Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure taken at home by the patient is often a better choice because it is more accurate. Please fill this form in and send it to or by post for the attention of the Practice Nurses.

Remember to record the lowest reading you get each time you take your blood pressure.

You can find a guide from Blood Pressure UK to taking your home blood pressure here.

BP HOME chart BHS.pdf

Year of Care Reviews

If you have a long-term condition such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma or COPD you might find these leaflets useful.  


Please let us know how you are doing with your inhalers and breathing by filling in the form below and sending it to or by post FAO Practice Nurses

Peak Flow diary

Asthma Control Test Form.pdf

Free NHS Health Check

If you are between 40 years old and 74 years old you are entitled for a free Health Check. Please check this leaflet to see if you are eligible.